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Destination Health™ The Cure for Common Health Care

Destination Health™ is the place where your health and well-being are our top priorities. Your medical care is too important to leave to chance. To us, it's more than personal medical care, it's medical care made personal! At Destination Health™, we offer comprehensive, executive-level physical examinations utilizing state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based information to reduce heart attack and stroke risks. We highly emphasize other preventive care measures such as immunizations and cancer screens as well. In addition, our staff is responsive to coordinating sick visits, diagnostic testing, medication refills, or other essentials as they relate to your health. Our entire focus is on thoroughness and accessibility throughout the year! In short summary, our job is to keep our patients active and efficient in their busy lives by proactively managing their chronic illnesses, promptly addressing their acute illnesses, and focusing on prevention! Destination Health™ may be the best place for your medical care, if you want:
  • Personal physicians who know you, your lifestyle and your medical history.
  • Personal physicians to coordinate and facilitate care with specialists, while staying focused on your individual needs.
  • Personal physicians who genuinely listen and care about your overall health and well-being.
  • Personal physicians who can spend the time necessary with you to address all your problems and concerns.
  • A friendly team of professionals who know you by name and give you the VIP attention you deserve.
  • Personal physicians whose goal is to deliver OPTIMAL rather than standard of care.
  • An environment that is professional, yet tranquil.
  • Office visits that run on time.

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